Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo Shoot....

We love to get family pictures during our family gatherings. This has become a 'tolerated' tradition especially when visiting Grampie. Trudy explained this ritual well here. Since Grampie wasn't here to gather us all together for the picture we decided to do our best to capture the moment.
Here George and Forrest are preparing the backdrop. Ours isn't as fancy as Gramps. But it is similiar in the fact that it isn't big enough for the group shot.
Look at Nate peering over the top!
What a good-looking bunch of folks!
Just one more!
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Nate's Baptism

Here are a few pictures of Nate's baptism last month. We had a fantastic time and are so proud of Nate in his decision to take upon himself the name of Christ. When we talked about what promises he would be making to Heavenly Father he was worried that he wouldn't be able to keep the promises. That led nicely into a discussion of the Atonement. He is such a sweet boy(well...sometimes;)) and really, deep down....way way down wants to do what is right. Whenever I tell him about something he needs to work on he genuinely tries to correct that problem. I love that about him!
A family shot with "the Granny" aka Queen.

I love this shot of the boys....Nate has the funniest expressions...I will take this over the scowl anyday!
I loved having my family here for the weekend. We loved just lounging around and enjoying the "no schedule". Granny was able to come up also...a luxury she hasn't had in a long time. Cricket was glad to see her:)
Frankie and his family were not able to make it but Heather and her family were. She is 'one of us' and her new husband survived being around the craziness. When i gave him his "good-bye hug" I told him he was one of us for sure! Well....let's see how he keeps up with Grampie!
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