Monday, January 28, 2008

clean speech

Tonight at dinner Sophia shared a chant she has learned on the bus:

Girls go to college to get more knowledge
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupid-er.

But she said she changed the last line to:

Boys go to Jupiter to get more "cooky-er" because she didn't want to use that bad word "stupid"....

Which reminded me of something that was happened last month. We don't swear in the house and I am not sure which swear words my children have heard or even know. (don't you remember when you first discovered what the real "bad" words were...????) So around here the "bad" words are ones like stupid or idiot or dumb.

Our DVD player has TV Guardian so whenever we watch movies it automatically cuts out the bad language. One evening it wasn't working and we were wincing whenever we heard the swear words.....well Richard and I were wincing. We didn't realize that Sophia had no idea how bad some of the words were because in one scene someone said g-d followed by some other not-so-nice words and she didn't flinch. Then someone called the other person "stupid" and she said, "OOOhhhhhhhhh.....that's a BAD word!"

I guess I should tell her what the really, really bad words are...the kind that gets your mouth washed out with soap like the kid on The Christmas Story.....because i would be mortified if she used a real swear word innocently!!

ps. i don't remember which movie this was and I am sure we turned it Granny Layton hold your comment;) I don't want you thinking we are corrupting your grandchildren...that's your job! ha!:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Deleted scene from Princess Bride

I couldn't figure out how to make the video show up here so just click and watch....if you are a Princess Bride fan you will laugh:)

The Super Kid!

On Friday Nate came home with a blank posterboard and a big smile on his face! He got picked to be the "Super Kid of the Week"! He got to fill up this poster with pictures of his family and had a little survey to fill out to give his class a little information about him. He bugged us all weekend to get it finished and was so proud of it that he had it with him most of the day yesterday. He and fia watched a movie and he had his poster sitting on the couch beside him. He is very proud of himself and his poster!! We love this Super Kid!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This morning when i left to go to the gym it was 34 degrees and raining. When I was leaving the gym the rain was snow and it was coming down pretty hard! It was a very pretty drive home from town! I came home to happy children who had been making snowmen....not dressed appropriately though! Sophia was in capri pants and they both had on light jackets! We managed to find hats and scarves and put on enough jackets to keep warm while we played. It was so much fun!

Our friends (from Utah) brought over their sleds and we had a blast sledding down our front lawn! And of course making snowmen and throwing snowballs. The funniest part was Richard out in the freezing cold with just his thin PJ socks....and his pants rolled up! At one point he was barefoot even. I guess growing up in a humid tropical climate does things to your mind;) ha!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A funny......

Well some might groan instead of laugh....

As I was setting my alarm clock last night I inadvertently(yeah....I know....a really big word for me) changed the time. I thought I had put it back on the correct time but set it an hour ahead. Instead of waking at 430 it was 330! Good thing Richard woke up when I was walking out of the bathroom ready to leave. He was looking at his watch...

"Isn't it 445?"

" is 345"

I go into the living room and check out the clock on the wall and sure enough it isn't even 4am! Ha! We have a good laugh and I get back in bed not knowing what to do with myself! Do I stay awake? Try to go back to sleep for 1 hour? The suprising thing is I am fully awake....well that isn't so suprising...I am a morning person. So I did lie in bed running my options in my head. I could get up and clean something- "Nah!"; I could go in the preschool room and move things around-"Nah!"; I could write a blog post about this experience and bore innocent people to tears-"Sure!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun with Grampie

I was going through some pictures and came across some of the kids playing with Grampie in his room. This one above is the most recent one taken Nov. 2007. They go back into his room, pull up a bill box to sit on and Grampie tells them stories of Patrick and snowballs or they play games on his PDA. All Granny and I hear from the living room is sudden bursts of laughter! It is so funny. The last visit we had Grampie kept loosing his fingers over something and that became the running joke about everything. We would end every story with "isn't that how you lost your finger?" This is a great memory for my children and I know Grampie loves it too!

These pictures were taken November of 2005. What could possible be so funny on that little screen?

I love the laugh on Fia's face. She was really laughing that hard and having that much fun!

Looks like she is picking out nits from Grampie's head.....good thing he shaves his head. Makes it easier for us to pick them out....just kidding Grampie....that is how you lost your finger wasn't it?

2 years ago Nate wasn't so keen on visiting with Grampie because of his messy room. Someone once said it looked like a "warehouse" which is a pretty good description:) That was during Nate's high anxiety times and he was content on just playing with the cars in the same room as me. The roars of laughter coming from the room and tall tales Fia would rehearse after coming from the room peeked his curiousity enough that he eventually joined Fia for those wild adventures. Now Nate just wants to visit Grampie to play his Xbox most of the time but for Fia she LOVES the stories. I hate that my Dad is so sick all the time but I wonder if he wasn't....would these memories exist?

(for those who don't know my Dad he is 95% bedridden with Rheumatoid Arthrtis. He got this horrible disease when he was in his early 20's. I hope my children never outgrow their need for snowball and Patrick stories because Grampie will always be there ready with a new one....just be sure not to lose your finger Grampie!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What to do....

My grandmother Enid or "Nannie" as we called her(she is who Sophia is named after) died last year. She lived a very full life and brought so much joy to everyone she was around. One thing that she did was make puppets. This is how she paid her taxes for a long time so you know she made A LOT of puppets which means she had A LOT of felt. Everytime we had a birthday or if she created a new puppet she would send me 2 or 3. I would save each puppet knowing they would be used one day with my children and my school children. I really would have loved to carry on the tradition of puppet making(this was something Nannie's mom did) and I did manage to make Wanda the fish and the horse. Every so often Nannie would send me a new pattern along with a box of felt. I didn't make enough puppets to use up the felt so over the years I accumulated a large amount. I always felt guilty when Nannie asked if I was making any puppets and I would tell her no....and I really don't see myself ever making any...which leaves me with the dillema....what do I do with all this felt!!

The above picture is of 3 bins full of large pieces. I just unloaded one bin that was just full of baggies(the ones the newspapers were put in on rainy days) with different colored scraps. These were the ones she used to make the eyes(which were usually 2-3 different layers) or the stripes or tongues or whatever. She saved everything! I also have already given away some felt so if I had taken a picture last month it would have been at least 5 of those plastic bins full!

I hate to throw them away....(which really means I will donate them to Goodwill) but I can't keep holding on to this much! I am going to keep a few pieces but this is a ridiculous amount for me!

So anyone want some felt?

This is just a few of the cute puppets my Nannie would make. I have probably over 100.

One of my new favorite things....

I is silly but makes cooking them so much easier! Now I just pull out a few for breakfast a few times a week and no mess to clean up!

And can you believe they are cheaper than the raw ones?!?