Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiet time

Don't you just love when everyone is in bed and the house is so quiet! Since I am a morning person I am usually in bed by 10pm or earlier....but on Sundays I always take a nap which means I get to enjoy some quiet time late at night....although I pay for it on Monday!
So worth it though!!

Space and Rocket Center

Another fun thing we did while at my parent's house was visit the Space and Rocket Center. Sophia loves science so she had a blast. Nate enjoyed himself also. This is where we would take field trips in elementary school. Not much had changed but they did add this museum. I find it so amazing that they can get these rockets into space!

Not sure how rock climbing is science-related but Sophia had fun nonetheless!

Nate really was enjoying himself....but he couldnt' let anyone know it! I was encouraging him to ride this with Sophia and I said " go ahead! you will enjoy it" which immediately
made him determined to NOT enjoy it!!
This was the baby version of the Space Shot...which simulates weighlessness. I did ride that 10 years ago....but can't do it anymore! Sure wish Richard was with us because the kids would have done it with him! There also is a cool centrifuge ride that spins you around so fast that you lift off the ground...just seeing the ride made me nauseated! I hated that Fia and Nate couldn't experience that one either!!

They had these cool science experiments in one exihibit.

This is what a bathroom looks like on the space station...

Nate the Astronaut!

I looked into the Space Camp program for Sophia but she is too young this year. I want her to attend when she is 10 though....she would LOVE it!


I have so much blogging to catch up on! Still so much more from my trip to Alabama earlier this month, then the water park we frequent here, plus a fun trip to ATL last week!! I better get to work!

Here the kids are enjoying a fun game of Twister with Grampie!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Click on the box to watch a funny video! But might get sucked into watching other short videos as well!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TV time ...addition

I forgot to add this to the previous post....if you watch 2 hours of TV that means lots of commercials. For some reason Billy Mays was always on selling something....I wish i could remember his latest products....i believe one was prescription drug coverage...but anyway....we would mimic his hand gestures and just giggle....he really has those down to a science!

He is one-of-a-kind and if they gave out a gold medal for talking-with-your-hands he would win..."hands down"! hardy har har...i like dots

TV time

The kids and I spent all last week at my parent's house in Athens, AL. One of my favorite activities was during the hours of 6pm-8pm each weeknight. My mom and I would shoo the kids away from the TV, plop ourselves on the couch(already in our PJs) and turn on channel 360....Fox News!

First we would watch Shephard Smith give us the day's news....fair and unbalanced of course!

Then we would watch the O'Reilly Factor....where the spin stops! We would make note of all the big words Bill used effortlessly in his innocent attacks on his guests...who incidentally always seemed to have written a book. We started counting how many guests/analysts/commentators had a book to advertise as part of their introduction. Then we would cheer Bill on as he got tough on child sex offenders! He is relentless on the govenors/mayors/judges who let these scumbuckets out of jail before their time! Go get 'em Bill!
Just remember....the spin stops here....cause he's lookin's out for us! Ha
ps. go ahead and leave a pithy comment but don't be a popinjay

My sister

This post is dedicated to my big sister:) She is a great friend and I look up to her....not only because I am so short but because she is a great mother! I love talking to her and she is the one person I can get aggravated with without worrying about our friendship! I know she will be there the next time I call! ha! That is the best part about family isn't it!

Trudy loves to take pictures (like someone else I know???) and so while I was visiting last week she grabbed my camera and held it out so we both could be in the picture.

Sometimes life calls for a funny face!

I acted like the camera was too far up(although I was holding it)

Then Trudy thought she should squat so I would not have to look up:) hardy har har

I think I have the best sister evah!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

On June 24th Richard and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! I thought I would record how we met.

I was in a YSA(young single adult) group in Huntsville, AL. We traveled all over to meet other singles and just have fun! There was a single's conference in Greenville,SC so our group decided to attend. Usually these conferences would go from Friday to Sunday with a dance each night. We arrived Friday night, checked into our room, and then headed off to the dance. While there we spotted Richard(who lived in Dublin, Ga. at the time)-he was alone and just scoping out the crowd. Our group would often "take-in" those who looked like they were alone or not having a good time and inflict our crazy-spunky spirit on them:) Richard was one of our victims and he hung out with us the rest of the weekend. I thought it was cool that he was from the Philippines since that is where my brother served his mission....but he was too old. I was just 19 and he was 27! Man! That was OLD!:) But I did think he was cute!

So at the close of that conference we exchanged phone numbers with all our new friends and parted ways. Richard called me on occasion, talked to my brother in Tagalog and we saw each other again at the dance in Atlanta(they would have one every month for the singles and our group from H'ville would take a roadtrip each month....sooo much fun!). Then the phone calls got more frequent and I just thought it was because he liked talking to me;) I started asking him if he saw someone at the conferences or dances that he would like to date. After narrowing down the choices of people we both knew I began to realize he was talking about me! So we had our first date in Panama City, FL over the New Year's weekend while we were down there for another single's conference. We talked and dated for the next 3 months and got engaged on my 20th birthday! 3 months later we were married! I had a lot of people say it was too fast but Richard wasn't getting any younger....ha....just teasing:) It is hard to explain but I just knew. We both knew that we were to be together so why wait. On June 24th we were married in the Atlanta Georgia Temple for all time and eternity....and 13 years later... here we are! It really does get better each year!

We have had many bumps in the road but I would not change a thing! I love being married to Richard!

Before and After

Here are some before and after pictures of the kitchen. This was taken right before the countertop people arrived to rip out our old yucky ones. I never noticed that we had all these outlets before! When we had our house built the fridge was where the dishwasher (see pic below)and the dishwasher was crammed in the corner to the left. One of our first kitchen re-do's was to move the fridge over to where it is in the top picture. Then we had the corner areas of our cabinets opened into cabinet space! It was so lovely to have all that room!

Here is our old sink. Since I knew we were getting a new one I didn't take any precautions when rinsing my tools from doing the floor tile.

Grout doesn't come out after it has dried!
Ahhhhh....our new faucet and sink!
We were very, very careful what we rinsed in this new shiny sink!

Here is the tile I used for the backsplash. I sorta wish I had tiled all the way up to the cabinets....but after I got this far I was glad to be done! The grout is the hardest part!
Richard painted the whole kitchen(he is the painter in the family) this beautiful red color which is the same one over our fireplace(we did re-paint the yellow with a beige....boring I know!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Callaway Gardens

One of our favorite places to visit is Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga. It is hundreds of acres of trees, seasonal flowers, bike trails, hiking trails, etc. They have a free-flighted bird show(which is sooooo cool!) and the butterfly house is Fia's favorite place.

The 4th of July is a huge day at Callaway and we usually shy away from crowds...but we thought it would be alright if we just went during the day and left before the evening festivities. (the pretty blond is our friend Kassie who is home for the summer from BYU)

One of my favorite things to do there is rent a bike(or you can bring your own) and ride to the different attractions. The scenery is so peaceful(except for the occasional hoots and screams when we coast down a hill or go over a bump!). Here is Kassie and Sophia ahead of us in a bend in the trail.

They have these tandem bikes for kids who can't ride alone but are too big for the baby seat! These aren't too hard to steer and this time Fia and Nate were actually able to pedal enough to help! It was a very hot and humid day!

True Richard-style...he wanted his picture taken as well:)

We rode to the butterfly house....which is so cool. Well not so much in the summer. The butterfly house has to be at 80 degrees all year round so I was d.r.i.p.p.i.n.g with sweat while we were in there. I left and went into the gift shop to cool off....but not before getting this picture of Nate and Richard:)
Nate was hot too!

We also rode over to the chapel. There use to be lots of water flowing over these rocks and you could take off your shoes and cool off for a moment....but nothing but a trickle today! I am king of the mountain, you know!

The chapel is small and smells like your grandmother's house:) but it is beautiful!

After biking for 2 hours we changed into our swimsuits and headed over to the beach area. It was very crowded but we managed to find a spot that wasn't so bad. About 20 minutes after we got settled and just started playing in the water the storm came. We had to get off the beach. So we parked ourselves on the grass to wait it out...but then the sky dropped and we raced to the van...laughing the whole way! It was funny. I took this picture just before the rain started falling hard!

It is one of our favorite destinations for the summer! And if you come for a visit we will probably take you here as well!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trash Ties

I came across these cool hair ties while reading this blog that I went to from Shanna's blog. I really want some of these Trash Ties...maybe... just maybe Fia will keep her hair-do longer than 1 hour if I used these!!??