Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Blog

For some strange reason this blog froze and I wasn't able to change 
any elements on this page!  So I created a new blog 

Check us out over there and if you ever need any design services give Aarean a click!!
Her button is right there to your right and will be at the bottom of the page on the new blog!  She is so amazingly awesome!

oh...and blogger has a new way of creating blogs....this new way allows you to move pictures within the post, resize your image right here, change color, change font and so much more!  wahoo!

Monday, January 24, 2011

shrinking dryer

My friend Chris posted about her weight loss journey so I decided to write about what I am doing to get me motivated to think about starting on a weight loss journey...how is that for committed? I debated about writing about it because I know if I say I am going to do something must follow through...so i guess if I write this I must follow through:)

So last weekend i pulled on a pair of pants that had obviously shrunk in the dryer...i mean they were hard to get over my hips! What else could explain this problem?

What? Maybe I am eating too much? nonsense.

Ok...probably so. I have fought this for too long, made excuses about why I can't change my eating habits...no more! Time to do something small. I weighed myself last week. It wasn't as bad as I thought thankfully. And it is actually what I weighed last year when I was training for my triathlons. And weighing didn't carry the same negative emotions that the scale use to carry for me(which is wonderful). So I decided to set a small goal of writing down everything i ate. It is very eye-opening to see just how much I put into my pie-hole. When I weighed myself this morning I was a little shocked that it was up a little...why? Because when I do write down what I eat it makes me eat less...makes me aware that I am eating mindlessly. Plus I taught so many classes last week(10!)...but that just supports the theory that more exercise doesn't equal weight loss.

So. It didn't get me down. I just started paying closer attention to my portions this week. I also calculated the calories of one of my favorite breakfasts this morning. Oatmeal with 2 T peanut butter. This morning I also had a banana and added 1/2 cup of wheat berries for extra protein... before I knew it I was up to 600 calories. What? Really. Oh well. It was filling and yummy. There is also tomorrow, right? I had taught Body Pump this morning and was teaching RPM later so I did need to give my body some good food. I am a protein-type and really need to get a lot of protein at mealtime to feel satisfied and last until the next meal/snack. So i bulk up my oats for that reason...but am going to rethink my PB oatmeal tomorrow. My body isn't digesting dairy(which includes eggs) or soy or beans so that seriously limits my protein choices!!! yuck. Which makes me want to write a nasty letter to my digestive system...but I refrain. I am very thankful for my body. It does many amazing things and will figure this whole problem soon enough!

I love to read health and fitness books and blogs to get inspired. For Christmas I ordered this book. Love it and will read it again. I also visit Trainermomma.com for great motivation...but I have to be careful not to compare myself to these women. I can get there if I can just keep that motivation past...ummmm...past the time I get out off the couch. ha. I mean what is my excuse?

Monday, January 17, 2011

it's that time of year again.....

Every winter i sit at my computer in my sweats, fuzzy socks and lap blanket searching active.com for events I would like to 'complete' in the summer. Last year I did a triathlon for the first time. I had talked about doing one in 2009 and I knew I had to quit whining about it and sign up for one in 2010....so I did. And man was it fun!

Look at all those bikes!!!
So this year I want to do another....and I really would like to complete a longer distance one. Like I said....as I sit here at my computer all cozy in my fuzzy socks this feat sounds like a fun adventure...so I really need to find my event and sign up before I back out. I have already sent a message to my buddies Jody and Susan (pictured above) that I want to do this longer one...and they are all about it. I don't want to be caught whining and regretting not doing one.

So my goals for this year are to complete at least 2 triathlons-a Sprint and Olympic distance one. Then later in the year(think November) I want to compete a 1/2 marathon...gasp! What? Really? I do? I complete these events....not compete. No expectations. Just a way to exercise with a few hundred of my soon-to-be-closest acquaintances and get a free t-shirt.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

RIP friend.....

My body has been going through some changes lately. Some I do not like. at. all.

When i was 18 I developed a pretty high intolerance for milk products(no cake mixes, cheetos, anything with milk in the ingredients). That lasted for 3 years. I don't know why it went away but it did. In the past this milk allergy has come and gone. Recently it has been back for a few months and it is just getting worse. I can't have any dairy now-no eggs even- and that never happened before. Well...it isn't like I will get hives, itch and stop breathing when I eat dairy....but i do balloon up, cramp and get very very uncomfortable. Enough so that I don't even crave any dairy.at.all.

One thing my body is doing which I am having a hard time with is rejecting Diet Coke (well all carbonation but i only liked the Diet Colas;))
Why!!??!! Old friend....why does it feel like you are gnawing at my stomach lining? You have no milk in you...yet you cause so much bloating? so much discomfort?? why oh why.

oh well...sigh. this stuff is poison anyway, right? i am better off without you.

i want to eat healthier this month....and looks like my body is forcing me!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011


Every year the cousins get together and put on a show for us during the Villamor Christmas Dinner. In years' past the show has consisted of displays of various talents to the recreating of the Christmas story. Well....this year they surprised us by putting the parents in the hot seat. They created the "How well do you know your kids" Jeopardy game.

Ok...piece of cake we all thought. All the parents got bells to chime in when we knew the answer and the game began. It didn't take us long to realize how much we didn't know about our chidren. Like....SOphia's favorite color is AQUA? Her favorite movie isn't "The LAst AIrbender"...that she LOVES but "Roxy Hunter"....WHAT?? And Nate....his favorite subject is History....hmmmm. Interesting. And his best friend....Jacob. I knew that but was so bewildered by Aqua I couldn't think. I believe the only questions we got right were the True False ones....
and that was only after the other team got the answer wrong. Surprisingly we came in 3rd! (out of 4).
THe winners recieved a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind oragami crown! We all were asking our kids "so what's your favorite...." after this game. They did a great job!
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Young Singers

Sophia sure enjoyed her first Christmas concert with the Young Singers this year! It was crazy being the backstage mom but we survived with only minor tears!

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