Monday, January 3, 2011


Every year the cousins get together and put on a show for us during the Villamor Christmas Dinner. In years' past the show has consisted of displays of various talents to the recreating of the Christmas story. Well....this year they surprised us by putting the parents in the hot seat. They created the "How well do you know your kids" Jeopardy game.

Ok...piece of cake we all thought. All the parents got bells to chime in when we knew the answer and the game began. It didn't take us long to realize how much we didn't know about our chidren. Like....SOphia's favorite color is AQUA? Her favorite movie isn't "The LAst AIrbender"...that she LOVES but "Roxy Hunter"....WHAT?? And Nate....his favorite subject is History....hmmmm. Interesting. And his best friend....Jacob. I knew that but was so bewildered by Aqua I couldn't think. I believe the only questions we got right were the True False ones....
and that was only after the other team got the answer wrong. Surprisingly we came in 3rd! (out of 4).
THe winners recieved a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind oragami crown! We all were asking our kids "so what's your favorite...." after this game. They did a great job!
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Burrowing In said...

What fun!

Granny's Blog said...

Richard's brother and sister look like him. That must have been a fun trip!

kevin21 said...

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