Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween '07

Nate as Robin and Sophia as Hannah Montana

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nate's wish

Nate told me last week that he didn't want his TV on his dresser anymore. When i asked him why he said "Because when i see a shooting star I am going to wish my hair to be straight and for an Xbox and I will need to put it on my dresser where the TV is now". Not sure how straight hair and an Xbox go together but at least we know what we can get him for Christmas:) Not sure about the hair but we can look for an Xbox:)

He desparately needs a haircut now but doesn't want one(this is not a recent pic)...I think he believes if it grows out it will be straight!! Sorry to break it to you have the curls most people want!! One day you will appreciate them because all the girls will LOVE them!!!

I just love my buddy Nate!
oh....another funny thing he said lately was that he wasn't use to smiling in pictures....which is right. He did "try" to smile for the shot of him with his soccer looks like he is in pain:)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2

pumpkin carving 2007

Tonight we had our friends over for dinner and afterward carved some pumpkins for halloween.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sophia's Earpiercing Moment

Prize for getting your ears pierced???? A purple lollipop!!!!

this picture really should be last....but we are new to the whole blogging thing so you will just half to figure it out yourselves....but that won't be a problem because all of our friends are geniuses....did I spell that right?:)

almost ready!

cleaning the ear lobes....look at the uncertainty in her eyes!!

Claire's girl explaining how it will work to a very worried girl!

A very proud little girl!

During our Fall Break I babysat the 3 children who spent the summer with us. They are such wonderful children and we enjoyed having them back for a couple of days while school was out. The 2 girls are 8 &7 and both have their ears pierced. Apparently they talked to Sophia about it because at dinner she told me she wanted to get her ears pierced and that she wanted to do it soon before she got "creeped out" and didn't want to do it anymore. So we decided to go that evening to the mall so she could be like her friends:) She actually has talked about getting them pierced but was just scared of the pain involved. This is the girl who CRIES everytime we need to take her to the doctor because she is scared of a finger prick....the girl who KICKS when that is to be done and is usually held down by mom and a nurse as they extract the blood! She did better the last time we were there but she still let us all know she didn't like it!! Anyway....back to the ear we meet Dad at Claire's(he was at his choir practice) around 730pm. She picks out the pair she wants-her birthstone-and I fill out all the paperwork. Then we sit in the chair and the lady explains what will happen. First she will clean her ears with an alcohol wipe and then mark the lobe with a purple marker. This involved NO pain but you would think it did because it took Fia some time to relax her shoulders so this could happen!! Once we got the marks where we wanted them the lady loaded the "gun" and then the crying started. It was so sad because you knew Fia WANTED this done but she physically couldn't relax! No amount of coaxing or guilt trips from the Claire's staff or bribes would make her relax! So after about 10 minutes we took a break and sat out in the food court. She cried for about 10 more minutes lamenting how she didn't want to go home without them pierced and how she just couldn't do it....blah, blah, blah. But eventually she calmed down enough, we said a little prayer and tried again. I was expecting to go home with her lobes still whole but you wouldn't believe how brave she got! She held the "gun", saw how it worked, sat tall and still and before she (and I ) knew it she had November birthstones in her ears!! We were all so proud of her and I think she was the most proud of herself!!

Last Day of Soccer

Here pictured is Nate with his trophy from last day of soccer, Oct. 27, 2007. It was a great season with lots of goals. It was funny to hear Nate tell us after each game how many goals he had scored in that particular game and how many his total for the season was. I believe he scored 15 total.
I bought him a pair of cleets at Goodwill but wasn't sure if he would wear them or not(that is why I got them from Goodwill:)). I even found them months before soccer season started so he could get use to the idea of wearing them.....well we didn't make a big deal out of his decision not to wear them but finally on the last game he decided to give them a try. We told him they would make him run faster and I think he believed they did because he sure loved sprinting off the field to get a drink or run after the ball when it went out of if he would have just hustled a little more during the game like he did running off the field he might have scored more goals:) Ha! It was so funny sometimes to see all the players just standing around the ball waiting for someone else to kick it! All in all it was a great season and we are just grateful that he even WANTED to play!! It took him a couple games before he would do the "all hands in the middle and yell "go Sharks!" but eventually he did that and learned how to be a real team player. A big thanks to the coaches also!! Thanks Coach Butler and Coach .....ummmmm....we didn't catch his name but just knew him as Todd's dad:)

That's our Nate

Nate likes to play soccer. In fact, he is one of the best players of his team. He is asked by the coach to do the kicks because he can kick the ball so far away from the half line to the goal. We're very proud of him.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My new job

I just started a new job with another home health company. I'm enjoying it a lot. The co-workers are nice and help each other. The patients are interesting and appreciative of the service given. I am still looking forward for my first paycheck.