Wednesday, June 9, 2010

last year....

This time last year we embarked on our Philippines adventure. That trip changed me in so many ways. I find myself getting pretty nostalgic as I think about our time there. I started a blog wanting to chronicle our trip but realized it might be easier just to print off the pictures and throw together a that is what I am doing. As I was going through the pictures I thought I would post some of the things I miss....
I miss going outside and seeing the public transportation pedaling by.
I miss all the places we would visit...mostly relatives. I miss the heat even.
I miss these little boys.
How could you not miss this scenery!
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i miss watching Beverly cook everything from the heat...and with a smile.
i miss their transportation practices...if you can fit you can ride!
i miss these girls...
and Nate misses the stray dogs...we wanted to take them all home!
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i miss getting to see Richard in his element and being able to see his culture first-hand.
i miss the fresh delicious. Even seafood i don't like at home was good here...
i miss Richard's cousins. you miss people deeply that you know you may never see again(or for a long time)
i miss the cool malls...not that I like to shop but they were something to see!
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i don't miss this...
i miss watching Fia play with her cousin Molly.
i miss the beautiful beaches...and it was so breezy there...heavenly!

When we left we hoped to come back in 3 years. Who knows...maybe we will. I sure hope so!
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