Saturday, November 20, 2010

thankful #20

Today I am thankful that Sophia participated in the Candlelight Run in Warm Springs last night. She registered for the 1 mile race at 9:30pm and I for the 5k at 10pm. She wanted me to run with her and I figured it would be a good warm-up for my race(sound funny to say I was in a race...i was racing only myself! ). As we lined up at the starting line they announced there would be a trophy for the top girl and boy 12 years old and under. Once the kids heard that they all were determined to be first!
So when "go" was announced they all took off running!
pre-race photos with Anna
I was hoping she wouldn't take off too fast and get winded towards the end! The course was set up as a "down and back" so when she started back i just joined in with her. Good thing because she was getting pretty tired and wanted to walk.
I had noticed that she was going to be in 2nd place but then saw the 1st place girl stopping and holding her side....I felt bad for her but was also happy that Sophia now had a shot at 1st. Felt bad about that! Numerous times Sophia wanted to stop and walk or slow down but I kept pushing her and nudging her along....
And she did it! 8:53 was her time! Her last mile race time was over 10 minutes!!! Way to go Sophia!
And she got the biggest trophy! She was so proud...and I was too! Next year Nate and Dad said they would participate with us as well!
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Lindsey said...

So AWESOME! I am seriously impressed!

Granny's Blog said...

That was a good experience. It'll be good for Richard and Nate to run next year. Better have them do some practice runs to get in shape!