Monday, November 8, 2010

thankful #8

Everyday I am thankful for our little furry children.
They provide lots of smiles and laughs everyday!

Obie has learned to love snuggling with us...and boy do we love to snuggle around here! Nate learned how to keep Obie still with his signature death-grip hold:) They were both asleep when i started taking this picture. When the flash popped up it woke Obie up.
Cricket doesn't like to snuggle anymore. Her 15 year old body hurts too much. She spends most of her days sleeping on my bed(where Obie can't reach her!). Her hair is falling out, she has brown spots all over her body, cloudy eyes, and some warts....but other than that she is growing old gracefully...and our baby girl. Sophia doesn't mind sharing that nickname with Cricket.
Isn't that just precious!
and don't you love how Fia's sheets match her room color! ha
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Granny's Blog said...

I love the color of her sheets! The room color is a bit dark, for me, but it's still pretty. Dear Cricket! She's been a joy. Please give her her pain meds so she can enjoy her last days feeling good.

Chris said...

That made me feel sad to read about Cricket and see that picture of her. Glad you have Obie so everyone can get in their cuddles. :)